Legitimate Ways to Save Money if You’re Living Payslip to Payslip

According to a recent study, about 25 percent of British adults have no savings. No matter what your reason is, have hope that there are ways to get out of debt and give yourself access to extra cash. Every cent earned is one less cent worth of debt, and even the smallest measures can make a big difference if you live payslip to payslip.

Here are some examples of things people across the UK are doing to get more cash in their hands without ever leaving their flat.   

Step #1 – Switch banks to take advantage of significant bonuses.

Many banks try to attract new customers by offering switching bonuses for opening new accounts. They tend to even double those offers if you have your payslip direct deposited. With that bonus, consider opening a savings account that earns interest. An initial £150 deposit can double over time if you simply leave it alone.

Step #2 – Search the web using InboxPounds.

Next time you need to search for something online, skip Google and instead use InboxPounds. It’s powered by Yahoo, and you can earn up to £0.70 per day doing something you would normally do anyway. That’s £21 in one month, so it adds up quickly. All you have to do is use their search engine. Plus, you get a £1 bonus simply for trying InboxPounds.

Step #3 – High credit card balances? Shop around for lower interest rates.

If you’re only paying the minimum balance when your credit card payment is due, it can take quite a long time to get out of debt. Interest continues to build on the balance, making it difficult to put a dent in high balances. Try shopping around for a card with a lower interest rate, and transfer your balance to that card. Some cards even offer promotional rates where you pay no interest for a specific period. So if you have £10,000 in credit card debt and are paying a 16% annual percentage rate, you could save $133 per month during the promotional period.

Step #4 – Play games on InboxPounds.

Besides paying you to use them as a search engine, they also pay you to play games. If you pay for online games anyway, do it through  InboxPounds to get as much as a £15 credit. Examples include Gala Bingo, Ladbrokes games, Betfair Sports and LottoGo.  

Step #5 – Charged a late fee? Ask for a one-time courtesy refund.

Nobody is perfect, and late fees can easily happen. However, you may be surprised at how simple it is to get a fee reversed if you simply ask. Realize that your credit card company will probably only do this once or twice a year, so don’t assume you’ll get your fee reversed every time. Also, If you’re habitually late only because you forgot to pay, consider setting automatic payments so you it doesn’t happen again.

Step #6 – Take surveys on InboxPounds.

Get something for nothing by taking a survey on  InboxPounds and simply sharing your opinion. It’s a simple three-step process:

  1. Select a survey from the list of available surveys to complete.
  2. Qualify for the survey by answering the screening questions honestly.
  3. Complete the survey, and earn cash.

Be sure to check back regularly to see if there are more surveys available.

None of these tips require too much work, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to see if you can make a few quid or even a couple hundred. Remember that when it comes to money, every little bit counts. A few extra pounds in your hand can help you stop living payslip to payslip and erase unnecessary financial stress in your life.

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