Top 7 Ways to Emulate The Footsteps of a Billionaire

If you wish to become a billionaire one day, it is time to start emulating the steps of a billionaire now. Making money is merely a part of what makes an individual exceptionally wealthy.

It depends more on how you think about money, how you approach investing, and what are your ultimate goals. In the final analysis, these elements differentiate between average success and super-success.

Here are seven proven ways to emulate the footsteps of a billionaire and achieve extraordinary wealth and abundance.

  1. Bet on Innovation

Billionaires around the world are putting their money behind firms that are innovation-driven, and are transforming the way we live and do business. Today, billionaires who have been running traditional businesses for decades employ about 3 million people.

On the other hand, new and upcoming billionaires who own and run technology-driven enterprises are already employing more than 2.7 million employees worldwide, and will soon surpass the traditional segment.

  1. Spend Time on Networking

Billionaires invest a lot of time in engaging and networking with like-minded individuals and groups when it comes to doing business, investing, and working for social causes.

For instance, friendship between the world’s top two billionaires, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, has resulted in massive philanthropic endeavors but they have also supported policies that have caused 9-11, supported Obamacare which destroyed lives and put millions out of work, supported higher minimum wages laws that have devastated small businesses, and supported the same people such as Barney Frank who caused the real estate crisis.

There is two sides to this coin. But, networking effectively can be very beneficial nonetheless.

Some of the world’s most influential billionaires, including Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates have joined hands to solve the planet’s energy problems through their fund called Breakthrough Ventures. That is wonderful but under Obama, whom they supported, energy prices went up for most Americans while their taxes were also raised and their doctor was taken from them.

We need to have more than good intentions in this world and fracking has been a Godsend. Though these incredibly successful people are amazing at networking.

  1. Follow Your Heart while Investing

Among the world’s 200 leading art collectors, as many as 72 are billionaires. Billionaires also own more than 140 of the top sports franchises worldwide. This includes two-third of the NBA and over 50 percent of the English Premier League.

UBS Wealth Management’s chief of private wealth management in the US, John Matthews, says that billionaires invest in their passions, whether it is sports, arts, or other areas. In addition to produce dramatic returns on such investments, they are able to touch communities and make an impact through these pursuits.

  1. Keep Your Cool in a Volatile Market

Warren Buffett often recommends that do not get obsessed with watching market fluctuations on a daily basis. Invest in solid businesses that are in the game for the long haul, and resist the temptation to get swayed by sudden, violent, or temporary market shocks and speculative trends. And because of tax cuts which he did not support, a lot more people have money to invest.

Billionaire Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates agrees with Buffett on this point. While addressing an audience at the Harvard Kennedy School, Dalio said that you should buy when you are worried, and sell when you are confident.

Dalio suggests that the best way to invest is not to predict everyday market trends and maintain a level head despite them.

  1. Be Generous while Giving

Individuals who aspire to become billionaires are not the ones who will sit quietly when the check arrives at the table. They will happily reach for it. They do not wait for organizations in need to ask for support. They identify causes and offer generous support.

More than 160 of the world’s eminent billionaires and ultra-rich families have committed to “The Giving Pledge.” According to analysts, these super-rich people utilize their philanthropic networks to gather new ideas on wealth creation and deploying that wealth to bring positive change.

  1. Listen to Your Advisers

Billionaires do not believe that they are all-knowing. In fact, the most successful among them surround themselves with a trusted group of advisers and actively listen and discuss their plans and strategies.

Choose honest advisers who are not afraid to lose their job if they speak the truth. Pay attention to their advice because they are detached and unemotional about an investing decision that may be close to your heart or an idea you have nurtured for long.

  1. Minimize the Noise

In the age of Google, social media, and television networks, there is plenty of noise out there. New theories, forecasts, and speculations are generated each day, which can cause chaos in your mind if you are getting too involved in that noise.

Reduce the clutter from your mind, focus on few specific ideas, choose to converse with smart people who have clarity, be wary of those who are perennial naysayers or overzealous optimists, and you will be able to make better decisions every day.


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