What The Banks Don’t Want You To Know: Secret Financial Tricks Of Higher Finance

All of us are aware of the fact that banks and customers share a mutual relationship with one another. Just the way we need banks so does the bank need us.

But the problem is even if we think that our banks are looking out for us, they are not as transparent as we think them to be – we all remember those infamous words regarding the ACA health care law when we were told we could keep our doctor and we know how that turned out – that is not being transparent. Banks do not have a golden record here either.

In fact, there are numerous aspects of banking that is neither much known nor advertised and most customers are not aware of these banking secrets. Not even the NSA knows these secrets and they are supposedly everywhere right?

You will not always get the rate that is advertised

You might be feel that banks are offering a stellar rate but the truth is that not all customers get the rate that has been advertised. In fact, only a small percentage of customers are offered a low rate and the others are offered a higher rate of interest so that they can compensate for the low rate that was offered to certain other customers.

Banks make more money the more you swipe your card

Did you know every time you swipe your credit or debit card the bank is making money by charging the merchant some fees? There are promotional credit cards which will require you to spend a certain amount of money within a particular time frame so that you are eligible for a financial reward. You do not want to get a card like this. Why deal with it? Just stick with a debit card and watch the impulse buying.

Another aspect of using your credit card is that banks know for sure if the amount is around $1,000 or more you may not be able to pay off that purchase at that time. The result is that you will end up accruing some interest which in turn is a way for the bank to make more money.

This is another reason you want to pay in cash for most items. A car or a home is an exception (but if you buy a car with cash that is the way to go) but you certainly do not want to borrow money to pay for a flat screen, furniture, or some appliance unless it is an emergency. But this is not an ideal way to do things. You do not want to be paying more for items and you will be paying more if you do not pay in cash and buy the item you want outright.

If you cannot buy that item outright then wait until you can.

A closed checking account can be a salient and clever way for your bank to make some extra money

When you close a checking account you might feel that it is over. But that is not the case. It may so happen that you forget to switch over your auto-pay transactions. The result is that the closed account is charged anyway. The result is not at all pleasant because there are instances where customers end up paying heavy penalties, fees, and some of the cases are even turned over to collection agencies.

Banks have a tendency to make deposits last which many customers may not be aware of

For example, if you ever schedule a few payments (or one large payment) to go out on the same day you expect some money to come into your account to cover this expenditure your bank may do something that is slightly unethical. The bank will actually issue those payments before the money is deposited into your account. The result is you end up using the overdraft feature of the bank which in turn allows your bank to charge you overdraft fees.

Banks make money by selling insurance

When banks try to sell insurance to customers in lieu of some credit you take from them, it is actually a way to extract more money out of you. This is because if you go through the fine print of those insurance policies you will realize that it will not cover all the debt that you owe. Something you need to think about!

Lastly, we should consider what Bill Gates (who has had some positive discussions with Trump in 2017 but this is another subject) once said, “Banking is necessary; banks are not.”

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