How I Saved Money on My Car Insurance

When was the last time you compared your car insurance options? If you have to think about it, it’s been too long.

If you’re like me, you prepay the amount on your bill every 6 months to get it out of sight and mind and never look back. Staying on top of your bills is great, but not shopping around for a better deal could be costing you thousands of dollars.

The average person is overpaying $720 per year on their car insurance. That’s an extra $60/month that you could put into a savings account, which has the potential to grow up to $4,000 in 5 years, $9,300 in 10 years, and a whopping $69,000 in 35 years, depending on your interest rate. Just think about that for a minute.

I know what you’re thinking – getting rates from all the different providers in your area seems overwhelming – there’s so many! But it doesn’t have to be.

Fortunately, Rate Fetcher is a new service that will do all the hard work for you. Simply answer a few questions on the type of coverage you’re looking for, if you are a homeowner or not, and your zip code so they can pull the best prices available to you. The best part is, this service is free of cost to you!

You’ll get an apples-to-apples comparison of your current coverage, and an easy to read chart which shows the differences between your new options, so you can make the most informed decision for you.

3 People Who Saved Big with Rate Fetcher

Louisa Hernandez, a single mom in Louisville, Kentucky was able to save a whopping $1169/ year by using Rate Fetcher to compare insurance rates. She decided to combine her car and homeowners insurance rates for an even bigger savings.

“I couldn’t believe it. A friend sent me the link and my jaw dropped when I saw how much I was overpaying. I didn’t think I would ever be able to start a college fund for my son. I immediately found the best savings account with high interest and have started to invest the difference for his future. I am truly amazed.”

Mark Sutherland, a bachelor in San Francisco found an $898 savings/ year on his car insurance by comparing rates with Rate Fetcher.

“I live outside of the city, as most homeowners in San Francisco do, so I need a car to commute to work every day. I saw an ad for Rate Fetcher on Facebook saying I could save $720/year and living in such an expensive city, I thought – why not, let’s just see. I still can’t believe I was overpaying so much. It’s definitely eased my financial concerns a bit.”

Tara Evans, a recent college grad, moved from Louisana to Arizona for her first job and was forced to re-register her car and find new car insurance. She ended up saving $987 by using Rate Fetcher to compare insurance rates. While she moved from a state that tends to have higher insurance rates, to a state that averages a bit lower, the savings are still drastic.

“I had just moved to Scottsdale and was scrolling on Facebook when I came across a Rate Fetcher ad that said I could save almost $720. Getting new car insurance was on my to-do list so I gave it a shot and answered the 3 questions and was shocked at the rates they gave me. I have almost $26,000 of student loans that I need to pay off so this was the best thing I could have done! So happy!”

To see how much you can save, visit  Rate Fetcher today!

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