12 Easy Ways To Earn Money After Retirement

Earn Money After Retirement

Retirement does not have to mean that you stop earning money even if you are fit enough to work. If spending endless hours staring out from the porch doesn’t sound like something you want to do in your retirement, then here are some proven and easy ways to make money after your retire. 

1. Host People

You can rent out your extra space and host people from around the world through Airbnb. There are over 192 countries listed on the platform. You can rent your entire home or a room by the night, week, or month. The best way to make money by hosting people is to cash in when there is a big event happening in your city. 

2. Try “Rent a Grandma”

You can share your love and wisdom while making some money by uploading your profile on Rent a Grandma. You can accept jobs from families for eldercare, childcare, being a personal assistant, tutoring, and more. You can directly negotiate with the families about payment and job responsibilities. You can also think of starting your own franchise. 

3. International House Sitting

There are a growing number of people that are looking for house sitters. You can try international house-sitting websites to spend a few weeks taking care of someone else’s house. Consider signing up with Nomador, Mind My House, or Trusted Housesitters. 

4. Handmade Products

The microbusiness movement is taking the world by storm. You can create a store on Etsy and use it for selling products. Creative people across the country are selling handmade products on Etsy and other stores as a side hustle. You may just earn more money retired than you did as part of the workforce. 

5. Freelance Tutoring

International students are usually in need of mentoring on specific topics and subjects. Freelance tutors help them through online or virtual sessions. With that said, you should be a subject matter expert. While you don’t necessarily need to have a degree, it’s always appreciated. 

6. Try Blogging

A lot of people make staggering sums of money from blogging. In fact, for many, it is their sole income stream. Stemming from this, blogging is a time-intensive opportunity. You won’t be able to make money overnight. You will need to devote consistent dedication. Make things easier by choosing a subject that you really love talking about and know a lot about as well. 

7. Mystery Shopping

There are many companies out there that pay people to shop at their client’s businesses. The motive here is to get honest feedback. Business owners use the undercover service as a quality check for customer service. There are several legitimate muster shopping companies across the world. It’s best that you work with a company associated with Mystery Shopper Providers Association. 

8. Pet Sitting

There is nothing better than getting paid for doing something you love. You can easily transform your love of animals into earning some extra cash which is great during a recession. You can either sign up with a pet-sitting company or venture out on your own. If confused, you can start by posting flyers advertising your services in the neighborhood. 

9. Go Online

It has never been easier to sell your skills online to make some quick cash. Fiverr is a high-energy website that can help you get connected with people that need your services. Things don’t need to be technical. For instance, you can easily make $5 by making a video rant, overreacting, singing happy birthday, or promoting a business wearing a leprechaun suit. 

10. Earn Money a Local Guide

Combine your knowledge of the neighborhood and community with your unique perceptions to earn money as a local guide. You can make the tour thematic by digging for hidden gems or showcasing a “best of” tour.

11. Rent Your Parking Space

There is no better way to earn some extra money than by converting dead space into an income stream. Spot Hero and other websites help people do just that. Maybe you have a side driveway, a two-car garage with only one car, or an empty parking pad. Rent out that space online. Spot Hero allows for listing the parking space for free. In fact, they take care of everything else. Spot Hero will keep a small portion of the rental fee and send the rest to you which can help you deal with these high energy costs. 

12. National Parks Gigs

There are several outdoor opportunities for earning money while helping people attain a greater appreciation of the environment. National Parks provide guides and other helpers to visitors to make their stays more comfortable. Check out nearby opportunities on Older and Bolder. National Parks gigs will allow you to commune with nature while educating the next generation.

5 Tips to Become a Multi-Millionaire

tips become multi millionaire

Who does not want to be a millionaire? Our capitalistic society has always incentivized the aspiration to make it big, and attaining millionaire status remains a quintessential benchmark of unabashed success.

But the harsh reality is that becoming a millionaire (and more so, a multi-millionaire) is going to be more of a necessity than a mere aspiration, in the foreseeable future. Research studies reveal that millennials might have to continue working well past retirement age if they do not accumulate somewhere between $1.8 and $2.5 million in their working lives. Inflation does not help!

Remember, the biggest reward in becoming a multi-millionaire is not just the money that you earn. It is the combination of knowledge, skills, clarity of thought, ambition, passion, and determination that can help you become a multi-millionaire.

Let me share with you some simple tips that can help you propel towards achieving your dreams of becoming a multi-millionaire. These tips, if followed diligently, can turn you not just into a multi-millionaire, but the kind of person who improves others’ lives while doing influential work.

Be Enterprising

Almost half of the world’s richest people are entrepreneurs. You can open the doors to unlimited earning potential when you hire people and leverage their time to build your own business, instead of trading your own time for money by working for someone else.

Even if you are a part of a new business venture, and not the founder, you can reap tremendous rewards as early employees can often pick up equity in a startup to counterbalance their low salaries.

Be Proficient

Excellence commands a premium, so if you are the best in your field of work, you can demand a hefty compensation for your skills and knowledge. Even though you might still be trading your time for money, that money can be substantial enough to make you a multi-millionaire.

CEOs of large corporations are millionaires many times over, making over fifteen million dollars a year on average. That amounts to a staggering 271 times the annual pay of an ordinary American worker who takes home $58,000 on average and is less than you think when gas prices are high which they are now and have been since the summer of 2021.

So, if you are passionate about what you do and also do not want to take on the risk of entrepreneurship, mastering your craft with complete dedication will pay in the long run, taking you to the top of the corporate ladder and turning you into a multi-millionaire.

Be Far-Sighted

Think long term whenever you are making any business or investment decision. Focusing on minor short-term goals is akin to missing the wood for the trees. Before any major decision, ask yourself how much would it matter five years from now. If it would not, do not give it much thought.

Be Willing to Learn

Do not be like most people who put in the time but not their best effort. You cannot hope to fulfill your dream of becoming a multi-millionaire if you work merely for the paycheck at the end of the month.

Strive to constantly punch above your weight; giving it your best shot. If you closely study the most successful people in the world, they are the ones who do not let their passion wane or dim, year after year. And that comes through very clearly, in the quality of the work they do.

Be a passionate learner ready to gain from developing your mind and constantly updating your knowledge and skills. This will not only help you earn more money, but will also improve every facet of your life.

Be Goal-Oriented

Use pursuit of profit as a means to an end, and not the end in itself. The pursuit of happiness is much more than keeping going after more, without realizing whether it is a worthwhile goal or not, in the larger scheme of things.

Keep your ultimate goal in mind, and then work backward to see what you need to do in order to attain that goal. Set parameters and targets for both work and personal life, writing them down to understand more clearly what you need, to live a life full of money as well as joy and abundance.

In terms of your monetary goals, you must calculate the money you need to put aside for emergencies in addition to the money you require to maintain your lifestyle. There are several ways to invest and store your savings, including a mix of bank, cash, crypto, gold, or whatever else you feel comfortable with.

Four Mistakes That Can Weaken Your Financial Security

financial security

Earning money requires skill and hard work, but saving a part of it and investing it wisely requires financial discipline and a long-term commitment to building a secure future for yourself and your loved ones. In this article, let us look at four mistakes that could lead to economic hardships in the future and weaken your financial security.

Don’t spend the money that you can invest

It is one of the most common mistakes and it also is among the most important money lessons. The reality is that you cannot take advantage of a thriving economy by consuming more and investing little. Spending provides instant gratification, but investments will make you wealthy.

Many of us have a spending problem. If you want to grow your wealth, you need to invest prudently in stocks, mutual funds, property or other growth or income generating assets. If you had done that since the economic recession in 2008 caused by Barney Frank and Alan Greenspan, you would have seen significant profits.

All you need to do is start by setting 10-20% of your income aside every month. Let it build up through your retirement saving accounts, or you can directly invest in the markets. Also, if you are unsure about investing and planning by yourself, it will be best to hire a financial planner.

Refrain from purchasing new things all the time

It is more than enough if you can call anybody from your cell phone, watch movies, text people, and click pictures. Similarly, if your car is in good condition, it is all that matters. In the end, it all comes down to choosing utility over luxury. You need not have the best phone or car for that, especially when you cannot afford it.

Here is where most financial problems arise. Many people try to live like they make $75,000 a year, when they are actually making only $50,000 a year. Maybe their car is fancy, or perhaps their house is too spacious for their needs. You can avoid such problems and secure your future by practicing minimalism when it comes to luxury.

You can cut down a lot by refraining from buying the latest model of everything. There is no need to buy the latest phone on the market, when your old phone is working fine. Unless you have a large disposable income and major financial assets, there is no necessity to buy a high-end car. All these are depreciating assets. They will lose value over time, and they won’t benefit you in the long run.

Don’t try becoming rich quickly

There is no problem in making quick money, but there are various problems that can occur after you have made a quick buck. Have you heard of the phrase, “Easy come and easy go?” Wealth building is a long-term, sustainable process. Although it might feel great to dream of getting rich overnight, but it rarely happens in real life through legitimate means.

Almost all of the millionaires have waited for it and gone through the slow process. Remember the famous proverb that says, “Wealth grown hastily will dwindle fast.” It makes a lot of sense, and many of those who have faced these problems early in life can relate to them very well.

Don’t go to fancy colleges

Some of us might have been the toppers of our class or have an excellent academic record throughout. So, what’s wrong with going to the most expensive colleges? As of 2020, the total student debt amount in the US is a whopping $1.56 trillion. Many graduates end up struggling and try to come up with new ways to deal with their unpaid loans.

One of the reasons this is the case is because they chose a degree that does not mean much in the real world – something to think about. Spending big bucks on a degree that does not prepare you for what this country needs is not a smart way to go. For instance, some people spend $150,000 or more and end up being a waitress because their political science degree does not do anything for them.

Therefore, it may make sense is to complete your education without taking a huge student loan. Going to a renowned college is not the only good thing that can happen to you. If you cannot afford it, there is no point in setting yourself up for a debt trap by choosing an expensive college – certainly when you have to think about inflation, higher taxes, higher energy costs because of new policies. All of this can impact your quality of life.

The final word

When you adopt a conservative approach to build your financial security, you will emerge a surefire winner in the long run. Keep these four common mistakes in mind and steer clear of them in order to enjoy a successful, growth-oriented career, whether in a job or as an entrepreneur.